Q: I would like to submit a script or idea for TV/Film to Shondaland, where do I send it?

A: Don’t. Well, not you personally at least. We can’t accept it, legally. Get representation – an agent, manager, or lawyer and find the right people here to send your brilliant and precious work to.

Q: How can I apply for a job at Shondaland?

A: You must be bold. When opportunities and openings are available, they can be found at Shondaland Careers.

Q: Does Shondaland have an internship or mentorship program?

A: We don’t currently have an internship or mentorship program.

Q: How can I get in touch regarding a speaking or interview request for Shonda Rhimes?

A: Please visit Shonda’s contact page to find the appropriate contact.

Q: I’m an actor who would like to work with Shondaland, who do I contact?

A: Your representation should be able to help point you to one of our badass casting directors.

Q: I want to write or pitch an idea for Shondaland.com. Who should I contact?

A: Our editors are waiting for your pitch; please email it to pitches@shondaland.com. But do not pitch them your TV or film ideas. We talked about how to do that above.

Q: I am a member of the media and would like information about Shondaland.

A: Easy solve: Here’s more About Us and find recent press here.

Q: How do I request support for my charitable group or organization from Shondaland?

A: Congratulations on being a good person. Please direct any such requests to business@shondaland.com.

Q: How do I request support for my charitable group or organization from Shonda Rhimes?

A: Please direct any such requests to info@rhimesfamilyfoundation.org .

Q: I have a question that isn’t covered in this FAQ, who should I reach out to?

Shondaland Executives: pr@shondaland.com

Podcasts: podcasts@shondaland.com

Shondaland.com: info@shondaland.com

Business Opportunities & Partnerships: business@shondaland.com